Queen can't get enough of Sarah
Queen's favorite little target
We dog sat Queen for a week.
Sarah thinks Queen likes blankets as much as she does

Queen definitely has a weight advantage over Sarah
Queen's breath is affecting Sarah's vision
Queen watches foofball with Scott and Charlotte
Queen loves when Charlotte comes to visit
Queen is just my size!
What's with the stuff on the floor? How am I supposed to get through?
Just make yourself comfortable, Queen!
Queen comes to stay with us for a few days
I don't think you can fit through there, Queen!
Charlotte and Queen are buddies
Char says - 'you can visit anytime, Queen'
Queen makes herself comfortable with the girls
This is the life!
Queen comes for her second stay of the year
Sarah likes having Queen around
Queen took a real liking to Jerry when he was around
Queen basks in the sun
Char loves to pet Queen
The girls went to visit Queen when she was sick
Queen sports a red bandage
Good dog, Queen
Sarah tries to make Queen feel better
Char and Queen are cozy together
Queen on Sept 15, 2008
'Can't you guys see I am trying to rest here?'
Queen rests
Years after she has moved out, Queen still remembers D
Queen wants to play, too
I didn't do it - it was the dog!
The girls share a laugh with Queen
Char loves hanging out with Queen
Alex with Queen - May 16, 2009

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