Alex's Baptism Weekend - April 2009

'The Jersey Murphy' family came in early for Alex's baptism
Deanna and Amy chat it up with Alex
The girls love it when Maggie and their cousins come to visit
We played a lot of basketball over the weekend
Andy is fired up
Alex begins playing early!
Maggie made the long trip to Dayton on her birthday!
Ian is happy to mess with Maggie on her birthday
Happy 6th birthday Maggie
Who wants ice cream?
Maggie, Sarah and Char enjoy cake and ice cream
Sarah and Maggie
Uncle Chris with his godson Alex
Sarah skims the creek for seaweed
Ian and Jack explore the creek on Saturday morning
Char and Maggie play play-doh in the morning
Sarah with her cousins in the creek
The kids had a great time playing in the creek
Maggie and Char ride on the swingset
Alex and his buddy Maggie
Chris and the kids on top of Miamisburg Mound
Andy took Alex up to the top of the Miamisburg Mound
This park is wearing me out!
We played some games in the park on a very warm April day
Char is ready for the pool
Everyone had fun going to the pool at the hotel
The family enjoys a swim before coming to our house for dinner
The pool wears out Alex even though he didn't go in
'When can I go in the pool?'
Alex is excited even though the Indians are currently in last place
Alex the Saturday before his baptism
Daddy and Char enjoy time at the pool - April 25, 2009
Alex gets some time with Grandma at the pool
Mom and Amanda help make kabobs on the grill
Andy cooks out on the grill for all our out of town guests
The kids eat outside with the summer-like weather
Peter grabs his food on a Saturday night cookout
The family gathers out on our deck for a cookout at our house
The kids eating together outside
John and Ian
Two birthday girls
The girls got some birthday gifts as both of their birthdays were close to the baptism
Grandma helps Sarah open her gifts
Sarah got a Mama bear doll
Marge helps Maggie with a gift
Theresa gets some time with AA
Alex likes hanging out with his godmother
Amanda and Alex like watching the basketball action
After dinner, the basketball games started up
Peter looks for a seam in the defense
Chris looks for the assist
We double-teamed Joe when we needed to
We had a lot of people on the court at one time!
Jack covers John
Chris with heavy pressure from Jill
We show them who the #1 team was!
Marge gets her turn with Alex
'What did you do, Nick?'
Alex is dressed and ready to go to church!
Alex can't get enough of his shape pictures on his changing table
I love those shapes!
Alex on his baptism day - April 26, 2009
Alex tells it like it is
Mom helps Alex get dressed for church
Alex is excited to have his godmother holding him
Mom and Amanda help Alex get ready
Alex is ready to roll
'Man, it is bright out here!'
Father blesses Alex
Fr. Shearer begins the mass
Char makes the sign of the cross on Alex's head
Sarah gets in on the action
Chris holds Alex during the mass
Father holds Alex during his homily
Fr Tom holds Alex during his homily
Alex is baptised
A happy moment
right before baptism
Smiles all around
'I baptize you in the name of the Father...'
Britney Spears ain't got NOTHIN' on Alex where paparazzi are concerned
Alex's posse lines up to make sure EVERY ANGLE is covered!
Deanna holds the candle light after baptism
'are we done with the water part?' asks Alex
Saying some prayers for Alex

Father with us after the mass

Baptism wears Alex out
The godmother group
(Amanda/Alex - Mom/Amanda - Bernie/Andy)

Alex's godparents Chris and Amanda
Alex with parents and godparents
Alex with his parents, godparents and grandparents
Our family after church
We are proud to have Alex in the family
Amanda can't get enough of Alex
Grandma and Grandpa with their last grandson
Amanda and Joe with Alex
The Malloy family with Alex
Alex likes all the attention
The Jersey Murphy family after mass
Proud Grandpa
The Dusa family
Our family at home after church
At home right before the big party
The cake for Alex's party
We had croissants and lots of goodies for lunch
Joe can't help himself with the cheesy potatoes
Char plays around with her cousins
We setup tables outside - the weather cooperated
The ladies only table
The party was a great time and great weather
Ian and John hang out outside
Alex is wiped out shortly into the party
The guys table
Alex and Karen
Jerry entertains the guests
'It's fun to stay at the... Y - M - C- A'
Julia tries to get Char to come out of her shell
Brother and sister still share the love of the accordion

Jerry let Macy play his button box - also even Lebron James cames to the party
Jerry teaches Macy how to play the button box
Alex rolls up in a ball to catch some sleep
Alex got a very soft sheep from the Allens
Jerry and Jackie
Amanda made this blanket for Alex
Stacy and Brendan with their gift for Alex
'Dad, I'm eating here!'
We got this great book from Grandma and Grandpa
We opened the gifts outside in the shade
Mom and Dad with one of their gifts
Mom looks at the book Amanda put together
Grandpa is more comfortable with his t-shirt and hat
Jill can't stay out of the creek for long
Chris with little Alex
Sarah and Maggie play with a frog craft
The two grandpas play some corn hole
Julia becomes a sidewalk artist
Alex already has his names in lights
Alex enjoys "tummy time"
Alex is ready to play some ball!
Uncle Chris gave Alex a personalized Cavaliers robe
Alex practices being Lebron James
It's almost tip-off time
Alex and Uncle Chris
Alex wants Chris to teach him how to make a lay up
Maybe I can sneak you back to New Jersey in my suitcase...
Seven little Murphys sitting on the bed
Alex is exhausted after a busy weekend
Sleepy Alex
What finger is Alex hiding in Daddy's shirt?

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